The Art of Perseverance

Right out of the gate following the Focus 8 Program means that you subscribe whole heartedly to perseverance. In fact, it is your friend. When fear strikes you and you pee your pants, what keeps you going is not your ability to see the future. It is perseverance and your ability to see that through it you will reach the other side… one way or another.


Most of us know what perseverance means. To some it might mean that they stick to their training goals for some sport they participate in. To others, it might mean holding to their beliefs when others challenge them. There really is no wrong answer since perseverance can be very situationally specific and personal in nature. Who knows how hard it is for another human to persevere through challenges that have been uniquely sculpted from their life experiences.

 That being said I can tell you what perseverance is NOT…

 1. Perseverance is NOT breaking down when you are under stress…

 How many of you have seen someone completely shut down when they are under pressure? You know that deer in headlights look they give you. The person who slams their brakes when they are in a driving situation they are unused to.

 2. Perseverance is NOT sabotaging relations with co-workers, family, and friends…

Only doom minded people pull this crap. You will find that people who don’t know how to get through the tough times in life will tend to implode all their relationships because they can’t focus on anyone but themselves. They are the first ones to throw you under the bus if it saves their skin.

 3. Perseverance is NOT bailing on your responsibilities…

You know these types. Ship starts to sink and they are the first to take the only raft and jump ship. They are the first ones out of the building during a fire alarm. Their spine is about as strong as a strip of scotch tape. In my experience, there a is great correlation between those who can’t get though tough times and unhappiness.

Life is a cocktail of good times , bad times, and really bad times but being a Focus 8 student means you take those crappy moments and just move through them undaunted. You persevere, you take action, you frigg’n conquer everything that comes before you. Things will pass and in the end, what is life without tough times to tell stories about?

Nothing I say…

Stay Focused,


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