A Monster Lurks

Careful friends, let me warn you of a monster that lurks in plain sight. It does not have large fangs to bite you with. It does not have pale green skin or sharp yellow eyes that glow. This monster is unassuming and has a wonderful warm embrace. Its preferred means of communication is not a howl but a whisper into your ear… “sit down… relax… don’t exercise… don’t over exert yourself… you are much too busy anyway… it won’t matter if you just eat that… I won’t tell… I won’t judge…”

Its suggestions rob you of your life not quickly but slowly. Taking your strength away a little everyday until one day you find yourself too weak to fight back. One day you find yourself just accepting your body and your health saying this is the best it’s going to be.

But all is not lost…

The monster does have a weakness. It harbors a secret that it does not want you to know. A secret that if you use it against it, it will render it powerless…

The secret is a power that we all have. It’s our ability to deny our most base desires and embrace a future we set for ourselves. It’s our ability to see the future and make choices that support that future. With choices we can plan where we want to go and take actions to get there. It’s our ability to take small steps forward and vastly change our long term trajectory.

Include your physical fitness in this trajectory my friend or the monster will be happy to come for it…

Stay Focused,


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