Use the Variables

Life is full of variables. So many variables that it is virtually impossible to account for all of them. Even though this fact is obvious, as humans we all try to account for all the variables. In fact we not only try to track them but we try to control them as well. This doesn’t need a lot of explanation because we see this in everyday life. I bet you can name at least one person you know who follows the same routine everyday… not because they have to but because the they want to. They do this to limit variables. To give them a sense of certainty and control.

I’m not against it, heck, I’m a practitioner to some extent. However, let me let me give you a little suggestion that has worked well for me.

Use the Variables…let me explain…

In software development variables are used all the time. They are place holders for data that can come in all forms from numbers, to letters, to structures that can represent anything. Variables are so important to programming that without them… programs couldn’t do anything dynamic. The fact that variables can represent different values allows them open the doors to great creative ¬†possibilities.

You should think of all the variables in your life much the same way. Instead of worrying about things that vary or change in your life, think of them as opportunities to change and do something greater. If you lose your job, think of it as a chance to get a better one. If you find too much work hitting your plate, think of it as a way to shine and improve your career. If you get diagnosed with high blood pressure, realize you have a chance to get in the best shape of your life and beat it!

It’s all how you look at it. Don’t let the variables get you down, use them to your advantage.

Stay Focused,


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