Be Yourself

There is no point in being anyone but yourself.

Don’t try to fit into some stereotype of who you think you should be. Just because you hang out with friends who don’t like to dance, don’t pretend that you don’t like to dance. If you hang with a bunch of metal heads but also like rap, don’t hesitate to play some Black Sheep. If you don’t find politics interesting, don’t feel pressure to talk politics if you’re with a bunch of activist types.

I spent a good part of my early 20s trying to fit in and conform so that other people might like me a little better. That was a waste of time…

You see, just be yourself because in the long run you can’t mask who you are. The truth always comes out. You may fool people for a little while but if you are feigning friendship or interest, it will become transparent at some point.

I knew a guy who acted like he was a solid friend but as soon as stress hit, he turned tail and ran. It would have been better for him to just be upfront and tell me he couldn’t handle stressful situations . I would have had more respect for that.

At this point in my life I am who I am. If I am silly, it is because I want to be silly. If I am strong, it is because I feel strong. If I show interest in who you are, then I am truly interested in who you are.

One Sensei of mine put it just right concerning those who do not act like themselves.

I have no time for those people…

Stay Focused,


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